Some QUALITY anime and manga pictures I have saved, just thought I’d share them with you all.

I’m crying

Beautiful, just beautiful. 



I feel like this belongs here.


I feel like that too.


EDIT: Personally, I thought this comic was going to show a woman beating the shit out of someone with her massive tits. I am a little disappointed. 


EDIT: Guys that’s Toni hinting to DRAW IT. DRAW THAT Xox satya


me after sex: hey how much xp did i just earn


This is why Pink has been my hero since I was 12.


women in the future

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scloutier submitted:

I have made it all make sense.

We now have, clockwise from top left:
1) the scenario going on between the aliens depicted by the original artist, which was not actually a fight scene at all, but a desperate attempt to cooperate despite the mind-controlling tentacle creatures attached to their heads.  

2) the original art.

3) what a fight scene between Artemis and Diana might look like, on a cliff in the moonlight in a temperate summer rainforest.

4) a context in which the poses of the aliens make sense for human characters.

I love all of this.

Me too. Awesome. 


wincenworks showed me this book.  And it’s not just the ridiculous cover art that gets me or that the focus on a book about comic book women is “drawing hot babes” (which is what the focus of a lot of comic book art involving women seems to be about) but also this description:

"Whether you want to capture the likenesses of girls you know"


Now you too can put that girl you’ve been crushing on into your sexy superhero fantasies!


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Thanks to theartrogue for showing me this… thing. 

I feel kinda sad when I see art like this, and then think “Oh, it’s Fathom, I shouldn’t expect more.” It shouldn’t be like this. 

I mean, look at this. The rendering is beautiful, there’s a lovely line quality, the colours are pretty, but the structure of the drawing is totally lacking! You cannot hide bad anatomy and posing with shiny rendering. 

As per usual, I broke down the drawing into what the structure is, and what’s wrong with it. Basically it’s a bunch of little things, all of them the usual culprits when it comes to drawing women in comics: both boobs and booth butt cheeks visible, snake spine, no rib cage, foot-in-buttcrack syndrome (which I also call Impacted Lower Leg), porn face, wedgie costume and superlonghairhides. 

As for the posing, the bent leg completely contradicts the swimming motion; the arms are twisted in impossible poses — the one closest has the hand palm up, but the shoulder twisted back so as to show as much boob as possible, whereas the back one is also so far up that her nonexistent shoulder blade would collide with the other one; her collarbone is drawn as landing behind the shoulder joint and she has no neck that I can find. 

Structure is everything. Mostly because I was focusing on the lack of ribs, I started by placing that, and everything flowed from this. I referred a lot to my favourite anatomy book (what the hey, here’s a link to it, I have the 1996 edition) because this is not a common pose, but my thinking was focused a lot on the action of swimming. Then from the skeleton, I did the flesh, concentrating on which muscles are flexing by striking the pose limb by limb. This is also how I figured out what was wrong with the near arm. 

The last image is a note about placing breasts underneath the body. The issue lies a lot in the ideas that we KNOW the breasts are there so that means we SHOULD see them, kind of like a child’s drawing of a table will show all four legs sticking out even though in reality we don’t see all of them. There must be boobs if this is a woman! Basically, you need to think of your structure. From the ribcage, I figured out where the sternum was, then placed my pectorals, and hung the breasts from said pectorals. We see a bit of the breasts in the final image but they are mostly hidden by the ribs and shoulder! Doesn’t mean they don’t exist. 

Anyways, I don’t like the final drawing I did when I added the hair and costume back in. The hair obscures too much of the silhouette and makes the far arm seem like it doesn’t belong. Even shifting the figure right so more of the legs and arm are showed to convey the movement didn’t help enough. I redrew the pose from the existing one, but after all this is done, I’d scrap it and try a different pose entirely. 

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According to chemistry, alcohol IS a solution.



did Delilah ever say what it’s like in new york city???

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